4 – Remembrance of Earth’s Past (ROEP) trilogy by Cixin Liu

The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest and Death’s End are 3 books that have become increasingly popular. It the first part of 4, we discuss the trilogy in general, our thoughts and impressions without any spoilers. The point of this episode is to help you decide if you actually want to read this.

Throughout the next 3 weeks, you can look forward to weekly episodes for each of the three books with full on spoilers. We will deep dive into each book, sum up the story for those who haven’t read it and award depression points. I’d recommend listening also as a recap before reading the next book.

Join us on this epic 4-parter and the reason why we started recording this podcast in the first place.

00:00 Our thoughts about the trilogy
18:28 Very mild spoilers (as if you read the back cover of the book)
23:07 Why did this trilogy make me feel bad aka our biggest disappointments in life
26:40 Thought of the day warning
34:22 What is the 3 body problem in physics and mechanics
36:42 The Wandering Earth movie from 2019 based on a short story by Liu Cixin

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