8 – Catch up – Weaveworld and Dragonlance

After having discussed the Three-Body problem, we needed a break. Therefore, we decided to relax, catch up and discuss a few other books we read as well as the future of the podcast and a few updates.

I talk about the Book of Disquiet by a Portuguese poet and also a fantasy horror book Weaveworld by Clive Barker. Paolo describes his secret life as a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon master and talks about the Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis which was base on a D&D campaign.

Unfortunately, we also come back to the Three Body problem at the end to discuss physics, the Miegakure project and more Three body spoilers.

Episode notes:

00:00 Intro, podcast update, news and plans
06:45 Books we’ve been reading
07:00 The Book of Disquiet
08:20 Weaveworld by Clive Barker
18:09 Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis
25:00 Paolo’s passions for D&D
28:40 Rehydrate.space podcast
30:00 More Three-Body Problem discussin and SPOILERS
32:32 Visualizing 4D and Miegakure

Klein bottle in 4D

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